1. speed_racer's Avatar
    Is there any way to replace one of the standard apps that comes with the iPhone? I don't like the standard calculator but it just seems like a waste to add one that I like and have two calculator icons taking up precious Springboard space. It'd be best to replace it, although I suppose I could use Customize to hide the original calculator.
    2007-12-23 05:28 PM
  2. jonnyraincloud's Avatar
    back up to your computer and delete the one you dont like.
    i do this all the time,
    just make sure you have all the files in the app folder
    "I accidentally upgraded my firmware.....again..."
    2007-12-24 02:30 AM
  3. NetMage's Avatar
    Use Customize to hide the stock application - I have HP15C as my calc.
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    2007-12-26 01:35 PM