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    I wanna know if anyone could make a switch, preferably added into the Preference app that can switch from the iPhone Dock, to the Touch Dock whenever you may like. I get annoyed that most docks are not shown when using the Touch dock, and sometimes I would enjoy auto reflections. So wouldn't it be sweet to be able to switch back and forth on the go? I thought I saw a thread on here where someone made it, but I can't find it to save the life of me. Anyone got an idea?


    EDIT: If you are looking for this hack, there is a detailed instructional thread over at MacThemes already. It works perfectly, just make sure you do the Auto Reflective Dock mod first.

    Also, there are several other features you can add into the General settings that I found through this extensive search. Haha TUAW created some crazy settings and made it very easy for you..

    Hope this helps.
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    Um. What's the diff between an iTouch and an iPhone dock? They look the same to me.
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    2008-01-03 08:34 PM
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    I'm talking about the stock dock. The Touch automatically generates reflections from the dock icons, and seemingly does not allow any special dock to show. The iPhone, does not generate auto reflections, therefore you must create your own reflections either on the icons, or on the dock. I saw a thread where someone created a switch to switch on the Touch dock, and switch it off, but I forgot to save the thread and try it out myself. I am just wondering whether it is possible, or even works.

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    if you search "preferences hack" i think you'll be able to find it. I know what youre talking about but i don't have time to l;ook for it myself. Good luck.

    It also has the option for ap reveal which i use alot.
    2008-01-03 09:33 PM