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  1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
    I just pwned my iPhone 3G and forgot to add my own boot image. I dont want to restore again and i have it in the img2 format, can i just SSH it into my iphone or no?

    no one?
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    2008-07-20 11:06 PM
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    I dont think so I tried to do this a few times and it never worked the ONLY way that I was able to do it was through pwnage tool
    2008-07-20 11:26 PM
  3. mfleigle's Avatar
    The only way I know of is with winpwn but it doesnt work with 2.0. Pre-pwnage tool 2.0 might have done it
    2008-07-20 11:43 PM
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    yeah winpwn is the same as pwntool just for windows
    2008-07-21 12:05 AM
  5. AlienX's Avatar
    Pawnage tool 2.1 doesn't work either.

    By the way: Found the apple retro logo for boot screen here:
    Rolf’s Ireland Blog Blog Archive Retro Apple Boot Logo on iPhone 2.0
    I love it!
    2008-07-29 03:30 PM
  6. bry279's Avatar
    I tried following these instructions..
    "Note: Your iPhone needs to be pwned to do this.

    1. Open WinPwn on your computer.

    2. Select the Browse .ipsw option in WinPwn.

    3. Select a firmware off of your computer. It has to be an original firmware not one you created using WinPwn. It does not actually use the firmware or do anything with it, you just need to do it to get to the next step.

    4. Select the Custom Logos option in WinPwn. You can either Browse their online collects or choose one you have created by selecting the Boot Logo option.

    5. Once you have chosen your Boot Logo and Restore Logo select Update Logos.

    6. You will then see some script scroll across your iPhone. This is ok, you just have to wait!

    7. Once the script has finished, your iPhone will restart and you will have the new Boot and Restore Logos."

    but on step 4 the Custom Logos option never becomes 'selectable'...

    am I close?, is there something small I'm missing?

    btw 2.0.1 jailbroken 16gb
    2008-08-20 01:35 AM
  7. NetMage's Avatar
    I think you can do this easier using quickpwn on 2.0.1 - just replace the .png files that are in the quickpwn folder and re-run quickpwn.
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    2008-08-20 11:41 PM
  8. katlimaal's Avatar
    If you are using quickpwn on the factory firmware version(original iphone firmware with apple logo), then you just have to change the command in the .bat file in the "quickpwn" folder.
    The command lokks like :
    quickpwn "iPhone1,2_2.0.1_5B108_Restore.ipsw" n82ap -b logo.png -r recovery.png Cydia.tar.gz

    Change it to:
    quickpwn "iPhone1,2_2.0.1_5B108_Restore.ipsw" n82ap Cydia.tar.gz

    and it will not change the apple logo to pinapple logo
    2008-08-21 02:44 AM