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    Just wanted to thank kaician for the quick and user friendly tutorial!
    I got mine done following all steps listed on your guide (which application do you guys use to take screenshots of the iPhone? I want to post mine

    I did try to do the same to the first icon on my second page; however, when i slide to the second page, i see the brown from the template used and only 3 out of my 6 icons show. (so i just left the background on the first page

    Thanks again!

    So i figured out how to do screenshots and cant believe how easy it was LOL...

    Here's my theme "with" background thanks to kaician's tutorial:

    Also, here's what i was talking about. When added the background/icon.png to my first page it looked like the screenshot above, but once i did the same for my second page. My first page looked like this:

    and my second page, like this:

    so since I coudlnt figured out what the problem was, i just went back to only keeping the background for my first page and leaving my next 2 pages with untouched (black/default background)
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    Dude this wont work for me i have a ipod touch. i just can,t get the picture to be in the right spot. HELP ME
    2008-08-01 09:53 PM
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    kaician, thanks for the tutorial. I finally have my first gen theme back, but on my shiny new 3G!

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    2008-08-03 01:57 AM
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