1. flimnit's Avatar
    I recently upgraded to 1.1.2, my 1.1.1 had a gazillion apps installed and obviously I lost them when I upgraded. My question is this. Does the upgrade delete the old apps and all the files associated with them?

    It appears that my disc usage is the same with 1.1.1 and all the apps on a 1.1.2 upgraded phone.

    Hope this is clear


    2008-01-13 04:09 AM
  2. Digitol's Avatar
    Depending on your methods.. I have done it with and without losing the apps. I hope you installed oktoprep b4 you went 1.1.2. Otherwise you will have to do some restoring, downgrade, install okoto then try again.

    2008-01-13 07:38 AM
  3. BigBoss's Avatar
    It deletes your apps because it wipes out your primary partition where /Applications is stored. If you moved applications to /var, a simple upgrade wont really delete them but you'll have to relink the /Appliations to /var/Applications to get them back. I'm assuming you didn't do this or you'd not be asking, therefore, the short answer is "yes" it deletes your apps.
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    2008-01-13 11:03 AM