1. YellowCopy's Avatar
    I am new to modding the iPhone and have been reading alot and trying to feel things out as much as I can. I have a book on unix coding that I am drudging through as well, so should I sound noobish, I apologize and I am working on correcting it.

    That said, many of the programs I have put on the phone have similiar load times, bossprefs, cydia, macman and the app store stuff. With Customize load times are closer to 20sec and I often get an error message referring to a slow connection. My geek side is guessing this is due to the programs recent release and everyone is trying to get customize back on their iphone and its a server bandwidth problem. Can anyone confirm? My only other guess is I need to delete/reinstall Customize. Thank you in advance.

    (3G 8GB iPhone, WinXP PC, 128bit encryption that seems to be working on everything else wifi)
    2008-07-30 06:50 PM
  2. BlackWolf's Avatar
    well, customize always had long loading times ... I guess that's because it's connecting to the themes server. and due to the fact that the themes server seems offline a lot these days it takes customize a lot longer to load.
    I don't think theres something you can do about it.
    2008-07-30 07:48 PM