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    The big breakthrouhg of Winterboard 2.0 has been met with a couple of very common problems. First, no custom status bar. Second, Dock problems. So, in the meantime, I've found an easy way to have your custom Status bar and dock applied.

    In your theme folder you should structure it as follows:


    Wallpaper should be your standard 320x480 iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper.

    create your FSO_BG using a 320x20 px image, and align the TOP of your wallpaper to the top of the image.

    create SBDockBG.png using a 320x91 px image, and align the BOTTOM of your wallpaper to the bottom of the image.

    here's some images to give you an idea I simply found a wallpaper i liked (320x480 px) and used it to create these. (I used an overlay of a custom transparent dock on my Dock image.) Then build your theme file structure as above and you should be golden.

    *Note that the images don't align properly visually, however they will be overlapping on your device, and align properly.

    Here's a screenshot of the working theme:

    2008-08-03 08:56 AM