1. rpoosua's Avatar
    Hi does anyone know where are ALL the *.lproj files are located? I think I know how to change the fonts in Iphone(ipod) setting whithout adding any font at all. I remember coming across this files listing from here or somewhere. Thanks!
    2007-08-19 04:54 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    .lproj are in most of the App directories, as well as SpringBoard.app.

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    2007-08-19 04:56 PM
  3. rpoosua's Avatar
    poetic_folly, I was using manazza to look for the *.proj and only saw English.lproj file. I was hoping you could point me to the subdirectory that contain all of the *.lproj file. See what I was trying to figured is this, could the *.lproj file contain the font, GSM carrier Identifyer, and possibility making this "Default". I notice that this English.lproj was located in almost every directory on the Iphone.

    BTW, is there a way we can copy iphone systems file to Hdisk?
    2007-08-26 05:18 PM