1. Core627's Avatar
    I found a file in the core services/springboard.app called apple logo. Viewing it in finder shows that its the logo that appears when you reset or turn on the phone. Does anyone know how to change this logo. I created my own logo (the punisher skull with a nice glow and all beveled) however, when i replace the file through SSH and reset the phone, it still shows as the apple logo. When you view the icon in finder on the phone, it shows the logo i made and if i download the file via ssh and preview it on my computer, it shows as the logo i made. Anyone know why it wont switch on the phone?
    2008-01-30 07:52 PM
  2. matiofatio's Avatar
    i believe you cant change it because the apple logo that appears on boot is actually stored on the iphone firmware itself so there is no way to change them
    2008-01-30 11:16 PM