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    if you want to change string messages, for example, "slide to open" to "Raxxal's Studio" you need to edit the file located in:
    /System/Library/CoreServices/ named
    You cannot use any editor, or may be you can, but so far the only way that I was able to changes messages is using a hex editor. I used a
    Freeware Hex Editor XVI32
    Then search for the string you want to replace, save the file, uploaded to the Iphone, and Bingo! Your phone has been personalized. Don't forget to restart SpringBoard.
    2008-08-23 04:04 AM
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    2008-08-23 04:09 AM
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    just saying that this is well known
    and yeah, you can edit those files by using the mac tool "plutil" to convert it (available via erica's utilities for the iphone)

    2008-08-23 12:10 PM
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    customize all the way. It's the only part of customize that isn't buggy.
    2008-08-24 07:07 PM
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    or you can use this to convert it to xml
    Convert Apple Property list from binary to text XML

    probably a lot easier than using a hex editor
    2008-08-27 09:42 AM
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    Customize does this very well.
    ...or used to not anymore. As a matter of fact, Customize is really buggy now a days! Since I am an old-fashion guy, I went back to the only method that works: the hex editor.
    2009-01-14 07:09 AM
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    ...the only method that works: the hex editor.
    No really, give plutil a try, or just use the Windows tool pledit. Soooo much easier, safer and more versatile than hex editing!

    By the way, in Winterboard you can do this stuff without editing any of the system files (probably a bit safer too).
    2009-01-14 01:49 PM
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    Jim Daner, how do you edit string messages in winter board?,please.
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    2009-01-14 11:23 PM
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    Jim Daner, how do you edit string messages in winter board?,please.
    1. Create a folder in your theme: Bundles/ (so if your theme is called Jellyfish the folder will be /Library/Themes/Jellyfish.theme/Bundles/
    2. Copy the original /System/Library/CoreServices/ file into that new folder
    3. Edit the copy in the new folder as you wish. You'll need to be able to edit files like this -- for example in Windows, you could use pledit, or on the iPhone itself you could use the plutil program from Erica Utilities (installed by Cydia), convert it, edit it with a text editor, and convert it back.
      The editing itself is self-explanatory: where it says "Slide to unlock", you replace that with the text you'd like to see in that situation (i.e. the lockscreen).

    Obviously if your phone isn't set to English, you'd do the whole procedure for the language you have chosen.
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    2009-01-15 12:26 AM