1. CoolBito's Avatar
    I installed something for the itouch accidentally and the uninstall was to install the default package even though that was for only the itouch as well and everything went fine except for the fact that I'm now stuck with a reflective dock. The maker of the package said that the .artwork file needs to be replaced, so that's what I'm asking for... the iPhone 1.1.2 dock .artwork file. I already tried downloading the "remove dock reflection" or whatever it's called and that didn't work... help will be greatly appreciated!
    2008-02-12 02:17 AM
  2. djnikk's Avatar
    did you find what you needed.

    If not, tell me and tell me were the artwork file is located in the iPhone and when i get home i will send it to you.

    hope I can help you.
    iPhone 4 16 GB + iMac 24" 2.9GHz + MBP 13" 2,2GHZ = AAPL 4 EVAAAA!
    2008-02-14 07:22 PM
  3. CoolBito's Avatar
    It's in system/library/framework/

    the file i need is uikit.framework

    Thank you very much

    If you need a hosting site I kinda like mediafire, but whatever you want to use is fine...
    2008-02-15 01:46 AM