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    i'm looking for the command-lines doing the following :

    - turn on/off the 3G
    - turn on/off the wifi
    - turn on/off the location services

    as i want to create custom switches in bossprefs....

    I know the 3G and wifi switches already exist in bossprefs, but i want to also restart the mail app when i turn these services on/off cause the mail app stops fetching the mails when you switch between networks. Until the bug is fixed, that's an easy workaround.

    The locations services switch doesn't exist in bosprefs, so if the command is known i think it would be an interisting one to add.

    Also, i have a small problem with the 3g switch in bossprefs : it seems to work (even if it takes really long compared to the offical switch in the settings menu), but the 3G icon never comes...i have to go to settings/network, and come back (without changing anythng cause it says it's active) for the 3G icon to appear....annoying...

    Anyone else with this problem, or am i the only one ?

    Thanks !
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