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    Hi, In 1.1.4 I was able to change most text of the springboard (like "slide to unlock", "reply sms", etc...) easily; but when i tried in 2.0.2 I just lost all my texts and the calendar goes crazy (do no show the numbers )

    What I need to do in order to change these now? I dont like the "slide to view" when a sms come and iPhone is locked. I prefer to see "slide to read", in example. And others strings like this

    Thanks in advance

    edit: forget ir, I see now ... an URL that convert all these files into a readable and chageable format, thxs anywat, sorry por posting before searching
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    2008-09-12 02:57 PM
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    you can user Costumise avalible on Cydia to edit System String...
    2008-10-05 01:29 PM

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