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    How to Manually Backup Save Game Data

    If your like me, you hate loosing your highscore and save game data. There is nothing like upgrading to a new firmware only to find out that your iPhone backup is corrupt!

    Here is a walkthrough on backing up your save game data manually. This way you can be sure your hard earned coinage in MotionX Poker is there after you update!

    1. Jailbroken iPhone
    2. SSH installed on your iPhone
    3. Fugu on your Mac

    Do these steps BEFORE upgrading to a new firmware!
    1. Update all of your apps through iTunes
    2. Login to your iPhone with Fugu
    3. Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Applications
    4. You should see a bunch of folders that look like D2AC6431-BA44-402F-8261-9E7484016B6E
    5. Each of these folders contains one of your apps and the save game data
    6. Go up one folder back to /private/var/mobile/
    7. Copy the entire Applications folder to your Mac. I saved mine to ~/iPhone/
    8. This might take a while

      Now update your iPhone to the newest firmware and Jailbreak it
      If restoring your iPhone backup failed, you'll have to set it up as new

      Install all of your games and apps back to your iPhone

      Login to your iPhone with Fugu again and navigate back to /var/mobile/Applications
      All your apps and games should be there, but guess what? The folder names will not match the ones you backed up. This makes it a little difficult to find the right folders, especially if you have a lot of apps, but we can get around that.

      Pick a game you want to restore the save game data from. I'll choose MotionX Poker.
      We have to identify what folder it is in on your Mac and what folder it is in on your iPhone.

    9. Open up a new terminal window and type:
      find ~/iPhone -iname "*motionxpoker*"
    10. Remember I copied all my apps to ~/iPhone on my mac, so replace that if you need to.
    11. It should print out something like:
      (your string of numbers and letters will be different)
    12. Go back to Fugu and on the LEFT side of the screen navigate to /Users/Username/iPhone/Applications/D2AC6431-BA44-402F-8261-9E7484016B6E/

      Now we have to find out what folder it is in on your iPhone

    13. Open up another terminal window and type:
      ssh YOUR_IPHONE_IP -l root
    14. Type in your password (default is "alpine")
    15. Once you are logged in type:
      find / -iname "*motionxpoker*"
    16. It should identify which folder MotionX Poker is on your iPhone
      Mine was in /private/var/mobile/Applications/F36E801B-13D8-4276-978E-C836C9B04565/
    17. On the RIGHT side of Fugu, navigate to that directory

      Your should now have your backup on the left side, and your fresh installed copy on the right.

    18. Select all the files and folders on the left and drag them over to the right side.
    19. Choose "Overwrite All"
    20. You will get a lot of "Couldn't create directory: Failure" error messages, just hit ok each time. Its ok... really it is.
    21. Once it is all done you have to fix the permissions, DON'T SKIP THESE STEPS!
    22. Go up one directory on the right side of Fugu
    23. Control click on the folder that your app was in and select "Get Info"
    24. In the screen that pops up click in the "Octal Mode Representation:" box and type in
    25. Hit Apply

    You should now be able to start the game on your iPhone and resume where you left off.
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    Thanks but seems a little tricky lol
    Why not just backup the Document folder and then SSH it back after restore?
    This is where the game saves are located if im right..

    2009-10-23 05:05 PM