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    I have a jailbroken i phone 3g (2.0.2). I installed intelliscreen and it was working fine for a few days, but now it has completely frozen my iphone! It doesn't load the intelliscreen info (weather, email etc) over my wallpaper when my phone is locked- just the intelliborn intelliscreen name and logo thing. it will try to load more and just freeze up. if i reboot (home and lock/off key) my phone restarts, but does the same thing. I have tried to catch it turning on again before it locks (and intelliscreen would potentially start), but in that case my screen completely freezes and i can't do anything. Not being a ridiculously tech savvy person myself i have no idea what to do! Someone please help!!!
    2008-09-15 10:03 PM
  2. Shinner23's Avatar
    Disable IS. Then, wait for an update to the program.
    2008-09-15 10:38 PM

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