1. jedinight's Avatar
    anyone know wher the file is for the brightness dimmer ,,if you notice when you set you lock on gen. settings it auto dims 15sec before lock ,,so if you set it on 1min lock it dims at 45sec,and 2min add 60sec to45sec it and it dims105 sec on a 2min lock so again it dims 15 sec before lock and etc for the rest so..how the hell do we change this ???!!and when set to never lock it dims at well it goes past 10 mins got any ideas i cant be the only one i would like it to dim 3min on 5min lock and dim 5min on a never lock ......please help
    2007-08-30 11:03 PM
  2. EmoRebellion's Avatar
    Mine never dims when set on never lock. I leave it on all day in the doc.
    2007-08-31 02:26 AM