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    i'm working on my custom keyboard and i have problem
    i edited this file:Keyboard-cs.plist
    in the file it is written like this :

    i changed the first character "A" to character in my language like in the picture

    but when i type in notes it dont change to my character it still remain's as it was
    same thing in the korean keyboard plist
    maybe it's the wrong file?
    i guess my question is what file is controling the keyboard characters when typing?
    and how can i edit it to type my language characters?
    please help
    i'm in 2g firmware 2.2

    i'll be glad to any idea or advice

    ok now i know it's in the uikit binary file
    can someone please help/guid me how i can map and find the characters ?
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    2008-10-10 06:55 PM
  2. anils_das's Avatar
    what u have mentioned is not correct...for customising the keyboard u have to go to corresponding bundle in the TextInput folder

    by editing any TextInput_xx file u can make ur own keyboard.....

    the link below also can help u

    BulgarianKeyboard - iphone-patch - Google Code - Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard homepage (com.mspasov.bgkeyboard)
    2008-12-23 10:12 AM
  3. Jim Danner's Avatar
    See also the documentation on WinterBoard (look at the section named Cached .artwork Themes). The easiest way to do what you want might be to use WinterBoard, starting with its built-in tool UIImages.
    2008-12-28 01:28 PM
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    thank you both
    my keyboard is already look like in my language(iphoneshop)
    i just need to make it type in the language
    i looked at the appropriate TextInpute file with ida
    but i don't know what look for where or what to do.
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  5. anils_das's Avatar
    using any hexa decimal editor u can find the characters u want....... all the characters are there in one place separated by 00 00..............

    and the character hexa value is in reverse order......for example if the unicode is 1234, in binary it will be 3412....u can find the characters by find option in the editor also...........

    but after these binary editing the keyboard is working fine in the simulator... but in original iphone (FW 2.2) its not working.... if anybody got any solution, share with us.....
    2009-01-18 07:14 AM
  6. afi's Avatar
    i opened TextInput file with hex editor
    i found some characters(unicode) and i replace it with some characters in my language(unicode) but when i try to type in notes the app is crashing
    firmware 2.2
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    I found a guide about TextInput,that explains how to find and replace the characters in the keyboard,
    I tried to do the instructions, but i did not succeeded,
    There's paragraph that says that the file need to sign after changing the characters
    I did the process including the signature, but it don't work for me,
    or the signature was not successful or I changed the characters wrong way , because when I try to write in notes application crash.
    maybe one of you will understand the guide
    link to the guide
    2009-01-23 10:27 AM
  8. anils_das's Avatar
    that was a very good tutorial..... thanks a lot for the link.....

    now after editing the binary i could get my language in iphone...

    in which part u r facing problem..??
    2009-01-23 12:00 PM
  9. afi's Avatar
    it dont let me change the signature
    i get this error
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    2009-01-23 01:39 PM
  10. anils_das's Avatar
    are you editing the TextInput_ru from the iphone OS...??? dont use the iphone simulator binary in the iphone....

    then first try with editing only one russian character to ur language....
    2009-01-23 01:51 PM
  11. afi's Avatar
    Finally I did it and it works great

    does someone knows at what Address the german characters are?
    i mean to TextInput_de
    firmware 2.2
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  12. anils_das's Avatar
    after editing the bundle how to change the name of language displayed in the settings of iphone.........

    for example suppose i edit the russian bundle to my language, how to change the display russian in iphone settings......

    arabic keyboard has done is the link of that
    2009-02-02 08:15 AM
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