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    Anyone know how to read the png files stored in the phone dialer app?

    None of the png files are readable in photoshop. So im stuck with no idea how to get starting creating dialers skins.
    Sample png: http://ookami.animetc.com/iphone/temp/DefaultDialer.png <-fails to open.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    ***EDIT Dear Moerator, could you please move this to the Skinning / Themes Discussion? Thanks.

    *** EDIT:
    Looks like something went wrong when pulling the files via SSH using WinSCP. I was able to get the files ok using Iphonebrowser. However iphonebrowser gives me an error and shuts down.
    I also read that the files i really want to edit are in the MobilePhonePackedImages.artwork file...

    more later...

    *** EDIT: here's the png's that came out of that file... (this comes from a 2.1 firmware a1203 8gb iphone)

    This ends my problem with PNG...
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    PNG files are stored in a special (proprietary) format on the iPhone - iPhoneBrowser converts them to a Windows usable format (not, strictly speaking, a valid format).

    There is a guide that discusses the PNG format.
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    2008-10-14 12:46 AM
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    could you tell me where this guide is?
    2008-10-14 12:52 AM
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    just use iphonebrowser to save the file to your computer it automatically converts it into a file windows can actually read
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    2008-10-14 03:10 PM