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    i have a 16gig iphone with 2.1 i did jailbreak it. i have winterboard and clydia. i load the blue flame battery and it shows in winterboard, i check mark the blueflame and nothing happens. can you tell me what im doing wrong. i have peformed a restart and still the same battery is there. i am also looking to upload some new backgrounds for the icon screen can any one help there? does anyone know of a good walk through for this?
    2008-10-29 02:18 PM
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    Bring it up the very top of W/board, and see if it works.
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    2008-10-29 02:28 PM
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    it is at the top. im not sure what is going on... i just downloaded the program customize and i dont know how to load themes in to the program. can some one help me with that?

    so i have done a lot. i have done some back grounds, some of them work, i cannot get any new batteries to work and i did try a new pacman slide to unlock and that wont work. i load the app into the phone using diskaid. it showes in winterboard, i check mark it in winterboard and nothing happens. i restart my iphone, same thing, checked in winterboard but not showing up. any help?
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    2008-10-29 03:06 PM
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    Customize isnt working anymore. Depending on where you got the battery images from, the most likely option is that there is something wrong with the file names or their location.
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    2008-10-29 05:12 PM