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    Okay...The problem starts off w/ me being a hotmail user, I have used it for several years and now it isn't reasonable for me to change due to the amount of things linked to my email. So I am using a program called mbox mail to get my hotmail on my Iphone. I would love to know if anyone has figured out how to make this the default mail program...don't expect they have though, now my real frustration...
    In upgrading to this mail program, the icon on the springboard is called m?Box Mail and I have attempted to change it. I have the localizedapplicationname.string that you edit in order to change the name. I have searched every forum and all of the links that everyone has to convert this file (for a PC) are broken. If someone could give me a little more info on this it would be much appreciated.

    Sorry for the long post
    2008-10-31 09:12 PM
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    2008-11-06 08:56 PM