1. jcisthebest2000's Avatar
    I'm not sure if i have dont something realllly stupid here of if ill be ok

    I used bosstools to move the apps folder to the other partition.. all went ok.. after that i read the bit i should have read first wherer it says warning move the fonts and ringtones before you move the apps folder..

    Thing is i was not planning on moving the fonts and ringtones do is this going to make a difference to me ??
    2008-02-29 03:30 PM
  2. LavaWarrior's Avatar
    I would suggest you DO NOT use "Move Applications" because it can seriously mess up your iPhone/iTouch...

    My brother (has an iPhone) and I (I have an iTouch) both used "Move Applications" and we both lost several application icons from SpringBoard... it was a bugger to fix, having to delete them using SSH and reinstalling them... not fun.

    So yea... I would stay away... However, DO use the font relocation! It freed up around 80MBs of space on the 300MB partition for us
    2008-03-03 08:18 AM