1. hillie's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Originally I read about the mobile and root passwords and the article said the mobile password was dottie, but in the current howtos etc. it says the root password is dottie (confirmed) but nothing about a mobile password.

    I changed the root password on my phone but I'm concerned if there really is a mobile account on there, is it the password that was originally stated as being the root password?

    I just wanna change that one too so ppl can't ssh into my phone if they find it on a network. I am not sure the account is even there coz i didn't check the password file coz i was too busy cleaning up a firmware upgrade mess

    Thanks in advance!
    2007-09-05 05:29 PM
  2. XFaega's Avatar

    Follow this link it will help you secure your ssh.
    2007-09-06 05:16 AM
  3. hillie's Avatar
    why not just type "passwd" at the command prompt?

    i dunno i was having a brainfart.. it's like.. wait a minute, i have root access..

    $ passwd mobile
    Changing password for user mobile, etc.
    2007-09-06 05:47 PM