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  1. Carrbone's Avatar
    Hey does anyone Know where the Volume png is for the Music HUD or the file name for it in winterboard?

    Im skinning the HUD and I just can't find anyway to change the knob.....

    2008-11-17 07:25 AM
  2. Carrbone's Avatar
    LoL thanks for all the help!!
    exactly what I needed to know!

    Im glad I know more then I relize-

    2008-11-19 07:12 AM
  3. kooolsrule's Avatar
    I love that !
    Could you upload them for me
    2008-11-27 06:46 AM
  4. Carrbone's Avatar
    uhm... nah.
    2008-11-28 02:03 AM
  5. wickedfx's Avatar
    uhm... nah.
    Wow your just a bag of sunshine.
    2008-11-28 03:35 AM
  6. Carrbone's Avatar
    yup, no one helps me find anything I need, so why would I just hand out what I worked to do and find?
    2008-11-28 08:42 AM
  7. elr0y7's Avatar
    lol, cuz that's what a modding community is all about, looking hard for answers and working hard for results, but w/e, that's your prerogative, I think it's ugly anyways
    "Spaceships don't come equipped with rear view mirrors..." -Andre Benjamin the 3000th
    2008-11-29 08:51 PM
  8. NArush's Avatar
    That looks cool. I always try to help folks who I can. Ahh be nice and share man
    2008-11-29 09:13 PM
  9. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    Looking good! That SMS icon needs some work though.
    2008-11-29 09:29 PM
  10. RicardoFelix's Avatar
    Nice work dude.
    2008-11-29 09:40 PM
  11. Reako's Avatar
    That looks like crap, I wouldn't want it uploaded. You guys have no taste.
    2008-11-29 11:22 PM
  12. kulohe's Avatar
    dude thats so fag of you, why reply???

    comment made to that stupid volume slider knob,Gay!!
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    2008-12-17 05:26 PM