1. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    It would be nice to be able to set the number of times it vibrated or alerts..

    when i have my phone on silent.. it is really hard to know when i get an e-mail the phone does a single vibration that is very short..

    i am sure there is a file somewhere to edit that tells the phone how many times to vibrate..

    it would be nice to learn how to edit that :-)
    2007-09-06 06:35 PM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    i want to know the answer too, anyone figure it out?
    2007-09-07 01:03 AM
  3. mjdaul's Avatar
    yesss, that is a very common thing on cell phones to have a reminder. i always miss text messages because i dont feel the vibration or hear the noise. my old phone would make a horrible beep and vibrate every 2 minutes until i read the message. it would be awesome to have this on the iphone
    2007-09-07 11:30 AM
  4. unclear's Avatar
    i like the idea... a very simple app with a few options:

    Toggle Voicemail Alert
    Toggle Text Alert
    Toggle Mail Alert

    Alert Interval Slider (minutes)

    Toggle Vibrate
    Toggle Tone

    This app would just launch every time you receive a message..
    Or it might be easier to just keep it running and "check" for messages every few minutes (whatever your Alert Interval slider is set to).
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    2007-09-07 11:37 AM
  5. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    PLEASE someone help me with this?!
    2007-09-10 05:30 PM
  6. bsheek's Avatar
    This should be able to be accomplished by performing the following. Go into Preferences, Sounds, turn on Vibrate for the ringer. Close out of Prefences and then turn the ring volume down to MUTE. When someone calls you the phone should vibrate as many times as it would ring.
    2007-09-11 06:33 AM
  7. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    thanks for the reply Bsheek but we are looking to get control over how many times the phone vibrates when you get an e-mail or an sms msg

    or any of the other non incoming call notifications
    2007-09-11 06:22 PM
  8. TypeSDragoon's Avatar
    it would be nice to be able to control the volume of the alerts. I can't hear the little "ding" sound when I'm in the car. =/
    2007-09-15 11:20 PM
  9. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    yes it would be awesome! thats why we need an app!
    2007-09-15 11:31 PM
  10. casperr10's Avatar
    PLEASE SOMEONE develop this app!! Its getting to the point where I am questioning whether or not I can keep my iPhone because I can't feel the short buzz, and can't hear the alert, due to my work environment, and I am missing a lot of important messages until a lot later when I think to check my phone. Does anyone know how to change this or where the file that controls it is located?
    2007-09-18 07:12 AM
  11. Georgie's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,
    Although my first post I am not entirely new to the forums. I'm a proud iPhone user in Toronto, Canada and spent a fair amount of time in the last two weeks modifying my iPhone etc. I must say that everything has been working great thus far and this site has proven to be exceptionally insightful on a number of iPhone related challenges I've faced.

    Anyway, to the matter at hand. As myself I see more and more users mentioning that the Vibrate alert on the iPhone pulses for too short a time, which results in a missed alert.

    I could not agree more. An application which gives us the functionality to edit vibrate alert settings including the duration of the alert, would be a great tool at this point and I am sure, widely received.

    Is any such thing in the making?

    P.S. If anyone in the Toronto area has any questions regarding iPhone setup with the Rogers network I'll be happy to help if I can.
    2007-09-20 05:14 PM
  12. mofolo's Avatar
    Hey There

    I found this: http://unlockitfree.com/forum/index.php/topic,38.0.html

    You need to sign up to download the vibration pattern, but i'll post it here so you dont have too. Read the forum post it'll tell you where to put it and how to configure it.

    The Attached file will make your SMS vibrate four longer times. Configure it as you wish using WordPad(windows) or PlistEditor(Mac)
    Attached Files
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    2007-11-11 03:48 AM