1. galexkeene's Avatar
    i've only had my iphone about a week or so, but i've been exploring cydia and sites like this daily since i got it, so excuse me if i've missed an app or setting/setting add-on that will solve my problem:

    i'd like to have SMS's that i hit "Close" on, when i am in another app, stay as new... is this possible? i am comfortable editing files if someone tells me what file i need to be editing (with path please, i don't quite have the file structure down yet). if i am playing a game or something and a text comes in that i dont want to reply to i sometimes forget it even came in once i leave that app... having it still be new would be great.

    thanks in advance for any help!
    2008-12-03 02:24 AM
  2. ceelo2008's Avatar
    iRealSMS does exactly what u want. You can get it from cydia under messaging. Its a free trial then u have to buy it for 9.95 i think but let me tell u it is the best sms app ever its worth every penny try it out good luck my friend
    2008-12-03 03:31 AM
  3. galexkeene's Avatar
    hey man, great app, but now i'm sort of running into a reverse problem.

    the app keeps the message new if i just close, like i wanted, but if i hit reply:

    it takes me to the window so i can answer, i type in, hit send, confirm send, and the app quits.

    but i still have the "1" badge sitting on the icon (though the notifier in the status bar goes away). when i re-open the app my inbox shows 0 new, and when i go back to homescreen the badge goes away... but shouldn't my reply (and it setting the message read in the app!) kill the badge?

    i've traded one annoyance for another! any thoughts?
    2008-12-03 07:43 AM
  4. ceelo2008's Avatar
    Yea dont ask me why it does that i wrote an email to the developer asking him if he could change it to after u reply the badge would go away. Your right tho it is kind of a pain but for the most part its a great app so until its changed i just kind of deal with it but im sure in a future update this will be changed or atleast i hope =)
    2008-12-04 09:49 PM
  5. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    I use a popup blocker that prevents the text preview from popping up which in turn keeps the text as a new text. Like when I am on the phone or using an app.

    It is called PYSL and it is in Cydia.
    2008-12-04 10:20 PM