1. recoil's Avatar
    call history doesn't work. i've updated it from 2.1 (to solve the problem), now I'm on 2.2 but still the same issue - recents list is empty. I'm posting it here because I'm hoping someone might know what the database file is for the recent calls and maybe that'll be a starting point. I don't actually know what caused this because it's a friend's phone that (he says) doesn't know what he did right before the problem appeared. If you have any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated. thanks!
    2008-12-17 11:18 AM
  2. khansaint's Avatar
    Hi All,

    All of a suddenly when teh phone got hang up when i disconnected a call. And after restart i found that Call history is empty. And it is like that ever since then. Uninstalling iLog also didn't help. Kindly help!!!!
    2009-01-03 01:44 PM
  3. squaresoft's Avatar
    all i can suggest is to restore your iphone. do a back up so that u don't lose photos contacts etc... then re-restore and jailbreak your phone. don't install anything dodgy this time it's likely due to a previosly installed file or app like ilog that even when you remove it it will still be there (at least some residual files)... or maybe the ilog somehow replaces some important call logging file that originally came with the firmware..

    hope that helps
    2009-01-05 10:45 PM
  4. m1ngaa's Avatar
    umm, if you still have your warranty you should restore it and get a different phone. iLog etc they work fine tho... I've restored my phone like hundred times... But iLog really works fine. It's the cracked version over all. But yeah, if you have IntelliScreen... That might be causing the problem. Not sure. But IntelliScreen really messed up my phone. It messes up everything when it was installed, like deleting my call log, my contacts go away one by one... lol just like a small virus. And when I removed it Oh hell... I had to restore my phone...
    2009-01-12 08:18 PM