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  1. iPhoneMK's Avatar
    I'm working on a Macedonian keyboard by editing the Russian. I've done the .artwork part, but I have no clue which file I need to edit to make my .artwork files input macedonian characters.

    It was pretty easy with 1.1.4, but I'm stuck now on 2.2.

    Any suggestion?


    UPDATE> I assume I have to edit TextInput_ru binary, but now I need help how to edit that file. Pleaseee!!!
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    2009-01-03 06:17 PM
  2. anils_das's Avatar
    i am also facing the problem in editing the binary...

    in binary its easy to find the russian characters separated by \0\0

    when we change that hexa values to any other language unicode values its working fine in the simulator....

    but in iphone 2.2 the keyboard is not getting displayed.....

    any other improvements
    2009-01-13 12:35 PM