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    thanks for all the help guys.

    Having another problem, i made this png image to replace the "tap to unlock" button and now its a left handed slider docked on the bottom of the screen. i put the image in the right folder and named it correctly. i want it just the be exactly where the "tap to unlock" button is and be able to tap to unlock it and not have it be a slider. here is the image.
    I think you need to make sure your image is the size of the original one (in this case, 275x47 pixels).
    Windows tool to edit .plist, .strings and .nib files: pledit.
    Or use a website that will convert the binary form to a readable format.
    On iPhone you can convert those files in a terminal with plutil (installed with Erica Utilities from Cydia), or edit them with iFile (from Cydia).
    2009-02-15 09:33 PM
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