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    so my top speaker is not working and my bottom speaker isn't ether. on my ipod when it is "playing"it remains at the begining and no sound coming out same when plugged into my ilive dock and headphones in voicemail it wont play a messege.... if i ssh into the phone in the root menu titled DamagedFiles and in it is
    00002019 SBLockScreenControlsLCD.png
    0000379f _bSE_script1Temp

    any idea how to fix wihtout restoring.. dont wanna loose all my apps and all.. thanks!

    oh and im running 1.1.3 mac os x
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    Try going into settings > general > reset

    And Reset all settings.

    This worked for me when I had this problem once, if that doesnt work, reset it and let it boot, if that doesn't try plugging in headphone in and out a few times.

    I'm sure the reset settings will fix it though.
    2008-03-09 07:47 AM