1. rickfthomas's Avatar
    I have seen many posts on connection problems of Openssh. I have read that if you are having problems connecting is to wait and try it again or try it many times. Well I can tell you if something is wrong it will never connect. What I have learned is to make sure your phone is actually using the wireless to connect. What I did it put my phone in Airplane Mode this way your iphone canít connect using Edge or 3G and will have to use wireless. Then use Safari and open up a web page. I found out my phone was not connecting to my wireless network so I cleared out all my connections and re did them and tried open Openssh and it worked first time. I hope this helps out someone.
    Also put other lesson learned about Openssh here and try to reframe from questions.

    2009-03-09 04:40 AM
  2. Broomhead's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, appreciate it
    2009-03-15 05:24 AM
  3. jingram20's Avatar
    ya i got one don't use open ssh look its simple just plug you're iphone into you're comp and use the iphone browser made by google or use ifunbox wich is better i-FunBox | File Manager and Hi-Speed Transfer Tool for iPhone and iPhone 3G (iFunBox Download Page) you can even copy all youre music over pics everything check it out best i have seen so far and you dont have to mess with the ip signing in or anything and it dosnt even have to be jailbroke to use
    2009-03-16 05:29 AM