1. ktreece777's Avatar
    I am sure this has been posted numerous times, I have searched but can't find anything for the 3G that I can get to work. I ran into a guide on how to remove the passcode but steam started blowing out of my ears after about two hours of trying to do it (WinSPC+LinuxVM+Me FTL) Is there an easier way out there? Has anybody developed an Application that makes it much easier?

    The reason why I am trying to unlock the passcode is because I buy parts phones for my local cell phone repair business and I have quite a few that have good logic boards but are just pin locked. I contacted a few of the previous owners by their name in iTunes and solved some of the problems, but I have a few more parts boards that don't have any names that popup in iTunes so I am on my last leg of trying to save these boards.

    -Thanks, Kyle
    2009-03-11 01:54 AM
  2. istorm's Avatar
    put it in restore mod and restore it. thats it
    2009-03-12 10:10 AM