1. cinnabarite's Avatar
    I've been messing around with a version of LeopardUI and trying to make it more like something I like. But I'm having an issue with the theme, and I'm wondering if anyone can illuminate me. I've searched but either I'm the only one with this problem, or I don't know how to use the Googles.

    As you can see, with the lock screen, the status bar info is clearly legible, white against a dark background. All is well.

    This is where it gets funky. My clock is black (as defined in info.plist) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the other things (carrier, bars, airport, battery) also be black.
    Obviously I'd like to do this in info.plist, but I can't figure out what the proper terminology would be.

    Any ideas?
    2009-04-30 06:11 AM