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    Hey guys, I've already successfully jailbroken my iphone and it works perfectly. But, I'm having issues with my friend's iphone.

    After my roommate begged me to jailbreak his fone after seeing my kickass hardware, I tried to jailbreak his iphone and on the outside it seemed that everything went fine.

    But wouldn't you know it there was a problem. It all started with safariDL plugin not working, when I want to download, for example, a song it gives me the option to download it but then says "Download failed. Could not start saving file." So I started looking around n got openssh, tried sshing the phone, but ran into another problem... it won't ssh and it says "Connection timed out". Trust me I've checked and double checked the IP address and the password is alpine n all that crap, but nada.

    P.S. I've checked bossprefs, safaridl is on as well as ssh. My roommate is also running the 2.2.1 firmware and he has all files that i have from cydia.
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    2009-05-12 12:13 AM
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    Hmmm, unfortunately we do not allow discussion of cracked/pirated/warez anything.
    2009-05-12 03:25 AM
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    k, edited for content. Do songs still count as taboo?
    2009-05-12 06:11 PM