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    I've been googling and googling and nothing really seems to come up and I can't believe this hasn't been developed yet.

    I like the fact that you can install mc and ssh into the phone and use that for ftp file transfers to and from the phone - from the phone.
    The sad part though is that it's impossible to use mc from terminal on the iphone as midnight commander simply isn't designed to work with a touchscreen...

    Can it really be that noone has developed an ftp client with complete access to the local filesystem on the iphone?
    All we're missing is a GUI for Midnight commander:/ Finder is OK for browsing the local filesystem but without the ability to upload/download files to/from the phone on the go it kinda sucks:/

    Something on the way? Something already out?
    2009-06-13 05:16 PM
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    Auch, so noone has any idea how to upload files from local iPhone filesystem to ftp server and the other way around - using a graphical user interface ?
    2009-06-20 05:21 PM
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    2009-11-20 10:42 PM