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    so we find that file, put it on iphone 3g and it should make it work?
    2009-10-08 11:35 PM
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    Well surfingboy111793 yes effectivly it should well from what I know you would need to change it from arm9 to arm6 and maybe mod it more or the camera app will crash. I did that and got to the same screen as Mkblade did but after him then broke my iPhone lol. I would use my iPhone 3GS to help this BUT its on a business contract and i am strictly not allowed to jailbreak or touch it although i am very tempted too... :P

    Sorry people I have been away and busy the 1-2 weeks on a work conference about arranging business departments and the teams in them. And then it struck me I can understand people may not like this idea but I am not sure about it myself but just say if it's dumb.
    They way i see it these are the ways to acheive video recording:-

    1- Use the plists And other files to unlock video recording.

    2-Use that yxcoder (maybe worng can't remember the name) to record the camera input and use that as the video camera.

    If there is any other ways I missed please feel free to add.
    So basically what we need is for people to say that they will cooperate and help to get video recording and for them to have some kind of basic IM (instant messaging) set up so we can keep in contact with each other instantly. After saying that they would help they say if they would want to work on method 1 or 2 (maybe more depending on what people think). So then there would be team 1 working on method 1 and team 2 working on method 2 (by their own choice and there maybe more methods avaible therefore more teams). I just got this idea relaxing on a flight back from Dubai after being in meeting about things like the above on a larger scale. I have a backgroud knowlage of this as I deal with this at work (human resources department).


    Team 1 Working on unlocking video recording though plists an other files and they may want to set differnt people to do differnt part if they want.

    Team 2 working on making video recording avaliable though the native camera app using yxcoder(screen recorder) activated when going on to the video camera tab a press record(like on the 3gs) for instance.

    They maybe other ways therfore teams if people come up with other ways.

    To do this people just leave a comment saying (example):-

    1-yes I will help with this.
    2-could I work on method 1
    3- my IM is [email protected]

    The reason for that being so there is some kind of system in place for this to be accomplished in a real life business structure.

    PLEASE PLEASE can you let me know if this idea would not work here or you would not want to do it it was just a thought cause I had been setting systems up like that in real life but much tighter, i does not upset me in the slightest if you say its an absolutely crap idea but seems to work getting work done in business.

    Let us know,

    Many Thanks,


    [email protected]

    P.S. Even if it's not as formal ie just let everyone know you are working on method 1 (example).
    And also am sorry but I am away on holiday from Sunday morning for 12days in the maldeves and am not taking my home laptop on my iPhones (work and home) but will continue this when i get back. Also sorry about the spelling in this post on my iphone not quite home yet only 35mins .

    Update:- I am back at home and its 00:04 am on friday 9th october '09 and i have to be up at 5 am and may take a half day to work on this so will be sleeping now feel free to leave comments on my idea and i really do think with or without that our iPhone 2G/3G will be a 3GS with bit slower processor. Also would having an 3GS at hand help at-all with this as we already have a file system if it would just let us know as i may buy one for the cause (and i want a personal one ) but they are 538 here in the UK that is $856.14 (at todays exchange price) but worth it just wondering it it would help ??

    Good Luck Guys
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    2009-10-09 12:39 AM
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    I'm sorry to say that but I've lost my faith in this project. I've seen lot of promises on this site but since summer nothing special has happend. Only this video toggle was released. To tell the truth this toggle doesn't work for me either.
    2009-10-09 01:22 AM
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    ^is a very good idea! I personally have always thought that it would be much more productive if we each were to work on a particular task while others would work on something else related to it...like u said in teams! That way it could save us the hassle from trying the other method and vice-versa, and it would also let us gain some insight on that particular task we are doing..

    (1) Im for one am in this!
    (2) Method 1..since its more concerning the native app!
    (3) IM: blackMKdragon
    2009-10-09 01:23 AM
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    ^thanks mkblade and i have to say me and i am sure everyone else here would say you are the top contributor and if anyone will et this it will be you

    simple leave :-

    1) are you prepared to help ?? (ie yes i am in)
    2) your method/team why or what if you want
    3) you IM (AIM, Skype, iChat, even an email)

    but only do that if you would like its your own choice and i am NOT going to give up on this there will be a solution :- (for me)

    1) Yes i am in for this till the end (Y)
    2) Same method 1 but may attempt parts of method 2.
    3) oliverjones1983 (@aim.com) i have an older one but set this one up more recently.

    ^^only do it if you want it doesn't mean in no way at all you still cant contribute and use this forum but i saw it as an easier more efficient and effective way of doing it as if people group together they have more of a chance e.g. Petitions, trade unions, and in films they survivors always team up but remain in team (ie split up for clues). but its all up to you .

    Many Thanks

    2009-10-09 02:02 AM
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    Ok, I have an idead, all the files for video recording are on the iphone right, so we re create the plist file in mobile slide show and add all the files from photolibrary.framework to mobileslideshow.app and then have the plist from mobileslideshow load the photlibrary.framework files, I have been working on this process and I'm getting close!
    2009-10-09 03:45 AM
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    Ok, I have an idead, all the files for video recording are on the iphone right, so we re create the plist file in mobile slide show and add all the files from photolibrary.framework to mobileslideshow.app and then have the plist from mobileslideshow load the photlibrary.framework files, I have been working on this process and I'm getting close!
    cool. let us know how it goes!
    2009-10-09 05:32 AM
  8. ryanandkevin's Avatar
    Also, if you guys want more ram, delete apps that you don't need/like, like stocks, mail (If you dont use it), maps (I have navigon), notes, that will free up alot of ram, giving you more ram to run native video recording or voice control
    2009-10-09 05:41 AM
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    Can't wait to see it happen
    2009-10-09 03:30 PM
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    alright...unless ryanandkevin has come up with something differently...it seems we will need the following frameworks:

    (The order in which its listed is the way the "Camera" calls for-/Camera>CoreFoundation>IOKit>CoreSurface,etc.)


    as of now...this list prob will get get updated..but it seems these are neccessary from the 3GS and reedited to allow for the video-camera function...
    Though its quite frustrating cuz 3.1 hides the binaries..only leaving plists and some other files..and obviously we can't use the 3.0 files cuz that would simply cause it to be stuck...
    Would love to wrk on it more but have wrk!
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    2009-10-09 08:24 PM
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    Ok mkblade i will put a little package together i will put a lottle package together with those files in it (like they would be in the file system so people know where they are located. That should take me just over and hour maybe 2 to post as well so people can download them. Then i will see if i can change them all from arm9 to arm6 (if possible with the 3.1 update) and also upload that and post it so people can help, test pr mod them further. Hope that will help other people. And don't be afraid just to post that idea thing i came up with (^^^^)
    [(((1) are you prepared to help ?? (ie yes i am in)
    2) your method/team why or what if you want
    3) you IM (AIM, Skype, iChat, even an email) )))]

    Many Thanks and Good Luck,


    Update:- Unfortuatly i am downloading the files system from rapidshare and don't have this premium account, and it says the 1st oart will be done in an hour from now so i will look for a faster alternate source then post again.
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    2009-10-09 09:37 PM
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    Lately i see some teamwork in this thread which will bring you to the goal, i would like to join the dev-test team, but i am temporary without iphone until my touchscreen replacement comes.. (dont ask)

    I will let you know when i am ready to help - when i say help i mean i am not afraid to restore 10 times a day

    One of my favorite sayings is - The problem is obvious when enough eyes are watching.
    2009-10-09 10:34 PM
  13. ryanandkevin's Avatar
    The files that need to be changed to arm6 is mobileslideshow from the 3gs and photolibrary from the 3gs, photolibrary is the video recording app in the 3gs! These both can either be hexed or add .txt to the end and open as a text file!
    2009-10-09 11:29 PM
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    Thanks zero-limit for saying you will join and help the team work and anyone else joining would be most appreciated. I do hope you iPhone gets fixed as i hate it when mine breaks or gets broken and same i will restore as many times as needed to don't suppose you would have AIM or some form of Instant Messaging zero-limit as it helps to stay in contact and discuss ideas ?? I take it you would want to work on team 1 (method 1) or would you prefer method 2 ??(which for everybody's information someone said all the iphone video recorder does is capture video of the camera's preview if thats right we could use that code and move it too the video record button in the native camera app and get it to encode like the 3GS) If anybody else is interested in this team work just leave a comment saying so or email me if you have any Qs (address below) or just leave a post saying :-

    1) are you prepared to help ?? (ie yes i am in)
    2) your method/team why or what if you want
    3) you IM (AIM, Skype, iChat, even an email)

    Many Thanks,

    [email protected]

    ^^@ryanandkevin right thanks for that i will do that and put them up when the 3.1 3GS filesystem downloads. Don't know if they have been done but if i could create like a resources bundle so people can get what they need quickly instead of doing them by themselves.


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    2009-10-09 11:50 PM
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    Here i have a few important files to do with video recording (ryanandkevin mentioned them above^) They are:-


    All of them ARE A OS 3.1 AND ARE 3GS FILES WITH A CPU VALUE OF ARM6 for the iphone 3G/2G. Some i did not need to change to arm6 as there was no files to do so on. They are all laid out where you would find them on an iphone 3GS/3G/2G filesystem. I will upload the rest of the files Mkblade mentioned up there^^ to. I will do the same with them as i have done with these but tomorrow as it is 1:30Am Saturday here and i have a bit of work to do before sleeping. Also ryanandkevin said they would join the team/s that are working together on this And as i have previously mentioned i am away on holiday next week and not taking laptops or anything just my iPhones so i maybe able to stay in contact depending on wi-fi, but i unfortuantly not be able to do any dev work on this till wednesday the next week.


    P.S. fyi this is a bundle kind of post so people can download these files which are set up easy instead of making them up by themselves ie saving time and stress.(the file root.zip is it and root stands for root [/] on the file system)
    Attached Files
    2009-10-10 02:41 AM
  16. ryanandkevin's Avatar
    Ok, don't freak out, but i'm about to post a very long list of all the files we need to get this to work, or most of them:

    ok, I will post a .doc file, cause theres a long list!
    2009-10-10 02:44 AM
  17. ryanandkevin's Avatar
    here you go
    Attached Files
    2009-10-10 02:46 AM
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    Holy S*** thats a hell of alot of files, but never the less . I take it you would have the filesystem ryanandkevin ? If not i will be able to send you some links and all you need would be is a RAR extractor. But anyways i will put all these files together tomorrow like this:-

    1) Files Needed (3Gs 3.1 arm9).zip
    2) Files Needed (3Gs 3.1 arm6).zip

    then i will attach them or upload them to rapidshare or megaupload. But thats for tomorrow i live in the UK so its time to sleep now.

    2009-10-10 03:00 AM
  19. ryanandkevin's Avatar
    Oliverjones, we need to bypass the signing process for the files when we transfer them over from the 3gs to 3g, thats another reason probably that when you add video-camera to m68ap.plist, it gives you the ipod touch, because the file is not signed, which apple is making many things to be signed!

    sorry for the bad wording! I was typing fast!

    Actaully, I think thats it, the files need to be signed, because supposedly the signature verification checks if the files have been hacked, which when we replace the files, and edit plists and everything, they are being hacked
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    2009-10-10 03:38 AM
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    There is a command in terminal that will sign files for you.. i forgot what it is but a quick search will help you guys out
    2009-10-10 03:48 AM
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