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    Hey surfingboy111793 I hope you choke on a cock you ******! Way to make things a pain in the *** for those of us who try to browse the site on their iPhone. I just spent 20 minutes trying to scroll through your ********. It's petty, stupid and useless. Thanks Alot for wasting my time and anyone elses.
    2009-11-23 05:05 PM
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    If I a credit card I would pay for my apps And yes, some of them are cracked...while some others are original!But....I believe that me have to CLOSE this threat.... we are now in page 101 and we have posted 2500 spam or offtopic messeges!!!!
    2009-11-23 06:22 PM
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    I am also 13 years old..but I am not rich!I bought my iPhone with my money!
    jesus, i just wish that this **** was avalible when i was 13...i feel old
    I made it ra1n...again

    'Reloading Data' - Ive spent the majority of my life seeing this
    2009-11-23 06:40 PM
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    Where Video Recording Come On Where
    2009-11-28 01:29 AM
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    hi u guys,one thing i wanna tell u is that i have a friend work for Apple,and in early 2009,he tested the OS 3.0 in iphone 3G,in that time,The Native Video-Recorder is available For iPhone 3G.

    So don't give up,We Can Do that!
    2009-12-01 06:56 AM
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    Well see if he saved the code from that first 3.0 beta and we can modify it to get it going on 3.1.2
    2009-12-01 12:40 PM
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    ^^any1 want to confirm that by getting a copy of the 3.0-beta1..? i've had no luck finding one yet...
    You Know You Want to Hit It...[Thanks!]
    2009-12-02 06:21 PM
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    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    link for iphone 3g^^

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    2009-12-02 08:13 PM
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    well.. i have no phones to restore it on.. my screen just got smashed in this morning and im planning on sending it in tonight...
    2009-12-02 09:19 PM
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    Has anyone tried to install an iPhone 3GS camera module in the iPhone 3G?
    I read on a different forum that someone tried this but gave it up because the shutter simply didn't open. Read below:
    I have one installed right now, just finished about 10 minutes ago. When going to the camera app the iris simply never opens so camera and video are not available.

    I would gladly be a guinea pig if someone has any suggestions for drivers, from the sound of what was said earlier there are not separate camera drivers that can be extracted and used. Has anyone really looked?
    That leads me to believe that it might work when installing Simplyskate's hack.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Yes, I know that the 3GS camera has a slightly different form factor, but you can also order "iPhone 3GS Camera Module Lens Cover With Chrome Ring" that will fit in the 3G thus allowing the 3GS camera module to fit as well

    edit 2:
    I have just ordered a 3GS camera module and Lens cover. I will report back in a couple of weeks when I've tested it.
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    2010-03-26 05:22 AM
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    I have ALREADY TRIED THIS!NO! We have to port 3Gs Camera app!!...And we cannot do this!!!.....

    I Have ALREADY installed a 3Gs Camera Module into my iPhone!!!
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    2010-03-26 07:42 AM
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    i could extract the camera.app if it would help
    2010-03-26 11:12 PM
  13. techno96's Avatar
    i have come to the conclusion you just cannot restore to that firmware, it is impossible to downgrade to
    2010-03-28 05:47 PM
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    Let's see, page 101. Have we gotten anywhere? I'd love to take a look decrypted firmware if someone could get me a copy. I'm good at making apps do what they aren't supposed to. If someone could do that I'm sure I could find some way to make it work.

    So, throw me a freaking bone here?
    2010-06-24 09:45 AM
  15. koekje00's Avatar
    which version? why don't decrypt one yourself?
    2010-06-24 02:05 PM
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    Well, here is what i have done.
    -If you rename N82AP to anything else, it turns the phone to an ipod with full video and music app. (just a funny note)
    -N82AP has a link to M68AP so N82AP gets the action first then sends to M68AP.
    -M68AP is still-camera specific which is why when you type video-camera there is no shutter release. (clashing)
    -N88AP is video-camera specific since it even changes the opengles to 2 and has only video stuff including encoding info.
    -I renamed N88AP to N82AP and N88AP to N82AP
    -Changed the include in the new N82AP to N88AP
    -Changed the include in the new N88AP to M68AP
    -Check camera app and it shows the video switch and all but shutter still closed

    This may be nothing, but it was an experiment to see what gets loaded first. In this case the N82AP is the first load so in the 3GS the boot order for the springboard is N88AP->N82AP->M68AP. That is why the video automatically loads on the 3GS. Now what is left to do is find the trigger for the toggle in the camera app so it can release the shutter in still-camera mode. I'm thinking it is embedded in the springboard app or camera app so it would require a new build to work.

    Does anyone know what file controls the shutter and such?

    Oh and the only files i changed aside from those is the new video encoders and added the decoder that was missing.
    Actually, this is backwards. The link INCLUDES information, not sends it. Everything listed in M68AP is also applied to N82AP. And everything in N82AP is applied to N88AP. So you CAN have video and still, and opengles-1 and 2. They do not cause the crash. these just tell the phone what it "can and cannot do." What you are looking for is in /system/library/privateframeworks/celestial.framework/. there are two files that affect the camera. camerasetup.plist and avcapture.plist.

    Ok here's the info i have gathered while working on this project.

    You need files from the following private frameworks:
    1. photolibrary.framework
    (all of the images from the iphone4. some act as buttons. when i installed them, i got hdr to work. Bonus.)
    2. celestial.framework
    (camerasetup.plist - info about hardware, and avcapture.plist - deals with formatting. very useful if edited properly. i got my 3G to take 2MP photos)

    What i need help on to make video work:
    1. CameraSetup.plist
    (This file is looking for an iPhone 3GS camera. We need to figure out all of the specifications for the iPhone 3G camera. Stuff like "PortBackType" and a bunch of other numbers.

    Hope this helped you and I hope you'll help me.
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    2010-10-28 01:41 AM
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    I have some files from 3gs, but when i modyfied my files on 3g, and activate videorecording in N82AP.Plist, my photo camera have artiphacts, but photo is good, when i switch to videorecording, camera not working.

    If anybody know how to activate plz tell me. And if anybody know how i can enable HDR, i will be glan to you. The buttom to activate HDR i enable, but the photo not working.

    p.s. sorry for my poor english...
    2010-12-26 06:33 PM
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