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    Everything you load an app on your iPhone, a screenshot of the app is loaded to make you believe that the app is already loaded. This is quite frustrating when you try to tap to scroll in your contact list for example and you realize that the app is still loading...

    Is there a way to change the way the iphone load app so it do not display the screenshot of the app but a black .png or anything that makes it clear that the app is still loading ?
    2009-06-21 10:18 PM
  2. speedking261's Avatar
    Are you using backgrounder by any chance? I know that this is configurable feature in it...just dont remember were.
    The loading screen has to do with the default.png found in every app. This is just a guess...but if you change the permissions to exclude write, it might prevent it from having a screenshot load screen.
    if you have any luck reply
    2009-06-22 09:01 AM
  3. sekazi's Avatar
    I had this issue with Calculator, Notes, Stocks, Settings, iPod and other apps on my iPod. I think it happened when I installed Backgrounder and found out it didnt work on 3.0 so I uninstalled it for now until it is supported.

    To fix this problem browse to \var\mobile\Library\Caches\Snapshots and delete all of the images in that folder and you will be back to normal.
    2009-06-23 02:28 AM
  4. cpjr's Avatar
    Lol, there is no "fake" loading screens....the app is just unresponsive till it finishes loading just like your computer.

    Cause if you look at certain apps....weather, ipod, text....they load differently I guess.
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    2009-06-23 02:31 AM
  5. sekazi's Avatar
    Backgrounder would take a snapshot of a app just as it finished loading for a transition image between loading and switching apps. When you open a app it will show that image instead of a blank screen until it is finished loading.

    I had WeatherIcon uninstalled but when I opened Settings I saw WeatherIcon as a option but when it was finished loading it would jump to the top and WeatherIcon was gone. This is really what caused me to look for what the cause was and I remembered Backgrounder had did something when you used the Hold Menu to show and switch apps and I browsed around the folders and found the directory that had the images and when I removed them the iPod acted like it should when opening the different apps.
    2009-06-23 02:35 AM
  6. cpjr's Avatar
    Ok, I think I was thinking of something differently, like apps (say stuff from the appstore) that have splash screens that come up....my misunderstanding.
    2009-06-23 02:41 AM