1. smoothy's Avatar
    Youtube is sending me round the bend. I've tried every guide there is. I've restored it numerous times. I even went as far as relocking the phone (it failed). Could it be because when i did unlock it, it said it failed but actually flashed it and unlocked it?

    Any ideas would be really appreciated, please dnt send me a link for the 3 files, ive done that, ive tried the script, ive tried the tutorial on the windows mobile site, the ginger site.

    Also anybody managed to successfully change the number formatting?

    Thanks in advance
    2007-09-23 01:40 PM
  2. mickie@wanadoo.nl's Avatar
    YouTube is not working for a lot of people because they are out of order, YouTube I mean
    2007-09-23 03:04 PM
  3. N818's Avatar
    it works fine forme....
    2007-09-23 03:47 PM
  4. smoothy's Avatar
    I'm still getting the error "Can't connect to youtube" or i get "youtube not available". This is driving me mental. I've done everything, N818, can you send me all your files from /var/root/library/lockdown?

    Thanks for the replies
    2007-09-23 04:10 PM
  5. LoringStudios's Avatar
    Its not your phone.. Its YouTube. I have had several friends what have phones that are not even unlocked having that problem.

    *Keep in mind... Even if you are still on ATT you have to be on edge.. or wireless to connect to YouTube. Otherwise it will display unable to connect
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    2007-09-23 06:10 PM
  6. Tomer's Avatar
    Yea, LS is right... Im having hard time connecting to youtube and i didnt even mod my iphone.. but anyways.. who needs YouTube?
    2007-09-23 06:28 PM
  7. smoothy's Avatar
    I am connected through my wifi. Is youtube currently offline now?
    2007-09-23 06:30 PM
  8. MnRepoMan's Avatar
    I just fired up you tube on my t-mobile iphone....
    2007-09-23 07:27 PM
  9. smickers79's Avatar
    I have the same problem in the UK. I know this cant be the phone as I checked youtube when I unlocked it, and it was fine. The weird thing is the only video i can find/ run is the one I initially bookmarked, so could this be network problem within the youtube system?
    2007-09-23 10:51 PM
  10. smoothy's Avatar
    Thats exactly the same as me. I could view 3 videos from my recent list, ones i had viewed before i unlocked it. Very strange. I am also in the uk on orange.
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    2007-09-23 11:11 PM
  11. sdmojaydo619's Avatar
    I am having the same problems with youtube. Except i can watch the most viewd and featured videos. Just cant search for videos. I have no idea whats going on.
    2007-09-24 02:28 AM
  12. XFaega's Avatar
    You Tube down here in Utah.
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    2007-09-24 02:59 AM
  13. smickers79's Avatar
    Do we hany any confirmed touch or unhacked iphones with this problem. Wondering if this is youtube detecting our hacked phones? Or is it just down for service?

    Its back up again, woohoo!
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    2007-09-24 12:25 PM
  14. smoothy's Avatar
    have just tried youtube today and it worked!!!!!
    2007-09-24 04:56 PM
  15. royus's Avatar
    2007-09-24 05:47 PM
  16. viiddee's Avatar
    where to put them? will youtube work?
    2007-09-24 07:55 PM
  17. blacksailsmd's Avatar
    if YouTube isn't working - dont freak out. DEAL WITH IT AND BE PATIENT LIKE THE REST OF US
    2007-09-24 08:15 PM
  18. smoothy's Avatar
    you put them in /var/root/library/lockdown/
    replace them
    Then go into activation_records and delete any files in there.

    Reboot and try your luck, if this doesn't work, it is more than likely youtube acting up. Why didnt apple just implement flash support??!?!?! lol
    2007-09-24 08:26 PM
  19. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
    Why didnt apple just implement flash support??!?!?! lol
    hahah yea i know!! that would make my life a thousand times easier hahahaha

    hey guys i just downloaded that file list, and deleted everything in the activation records folder AND the pair records folder. And it worked. didnt before but now it did. im not sure if i needed those pair records files so i backed em up but so far nothing seems different except working youtube!!

    on and unlocked tmobile iphone btw...
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    i LOVE apple.
    2007-09-25 01:10 AM
  20. sdmojaydo619's Avatar
    where is the activation_records folder located?
    2007-09-25 02:07 AM
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