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    Hey, I need to know what SDKs I should use if I want to create pictures and apps. Rather than go through the trial and error of finding which SDK I like best I figure Ill go with whatever you guys rant and rave about. Or is there only the one SDK that apple provides?

    Another question is what will I need to create the .png files. I know that there is an extra bit or byte in the header which makes it so no standard program with windows can open it and they also switched the red and blue from the standard .png. So is there a tool you guys recommend or does that come in some sort of a package with the SDK?

    PS. if you are someone who has great answers to these questions but dont want to waste the time to respond because you think Im gonna be one of those people that says "oh man Im in over my head" after realizing the amount of work that goes into it... PLEASE RESPOND!!! I have over a month before classes start again for me for the fall where I am majoring in information technology. I wanted to do mobile computing at my school but they dont offer the courses as of yet and wont offer them for another 2 or 3 years because there are so few computer majors at UNF so Im stuck doing Security and Networking and learning mobile technology on the side. I know several programming languages all the way from old school COBOL to java so learning another language is no big deal for me. I would love to help on some of these projects that you guys do on here such as the Voice Control but I am a realist and I know I would only slow you guys down at the level I am at. So please dont put me off as "one of those guys"
    2009-08-07 11:00 PM