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    What's the deal? On 2.2.1 i had the BossPrefs addon and i could tap the battery and toggle the Number. Now on 3.0, i get a percentage AND a battery but i have to change it manually to turn it on and off... How can i revert this to the way it was before the 'upgrade' to 3.0? (i'm a perfectionist i guess )

    And yes, i have read through other threads with no joy.


    And also 3.0 doesn't really improve much for me, they messed up their native music app somewhat, and the search function is just annoying
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    2009-08-09 02:10 AM
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    There is an app on cydia, released today that allows you to choose battery icon and/or percentage. check it out!
    2009-08-11 04:50 PM
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    The Cydia app is called battery control.
    2009-08-11 05:52 PM