1. mthakare's Avatar
    Hi all, I just restored and unlocked my crashed iphone. Before doing that i manually copied (scp copy) almost everything from my iphone. I observed that my contact list file was of type sqllite database. I was on firmware 1.1.4 and after restore now my firmware is 3.0. Will merely replacing this contact list file i copied before restore with the one in iphone restore my contacts? Also things like pictures, sms etc, can i copy such things back to iphone.

    Mine is older 2g iphone, now running on 3.0 firmware.
    2009-08-11 03:23 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Yup, should work just fine.
    Here is a thread about it.
    2009-08-11 03:27 AM