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    If like me you installed Extended Prefs only to discover that most of the settings for Mail, Safari, SMS etc all disappear from Settings app when all I really wanted was the Music on the Go shuffle Albums tweak and since SBSettings performs all the other functions of Extended Prefs here is a new .plist file for you that just adds the ipod and calendar tweak into the General settings tab.

    SSH into phone and navigate to the Var/Stash/Themes/Extended Prefs.theme/Bundles/com.apple.preferences and delete all the files in there except for the file Tweaks.plist. Then copy the attached modified General.plist file into the Extended Prefs theme folder and voila.

    Might also be an idea to rename the theme while your in your OS innards so it doesn't get written over by any updates in future. I renamed mine to Tweaks for convenience.
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    2009-08-31 12:56 PM