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    I have installed a theme via winterboard and it changed the slider text to something im not too fond on. I'd like to change it to something else. If anybody knows how to do this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    edit: spelling :P
    2009-09-06 10:03 AM
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    SSH into that theme and go into bundles/com.apple.springboard/en.lproj/ and change the .strings file in there, for easy editing change the extension to .plist
    2009-09-06 07:41 PM
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    also here is a big thing that youc an look through it has anything prettymuch to change what it says
    2009-09-08 11:23 AM
  4. jesseb051's Avatar
    Sorry, where is it?
    2009-09-08 01:42 PM
  5. santaf's Avatar
    sorry i put it in the attatchments but for some reason its not there i'll re post them here.

    i found out why it was cause i alreayd posted this file on another thread
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    2009-09-09 09:40 PM