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  1. jacobray69's Avatar
    Hello to all MMi experts!
    i have both a question and a problem:
    1. i am trying to tweak my iphone 2G to the max
    and i am trying to figure out how to change the top display bars "no service"
    string to something else or just delete it altogether. My iphone is no longer
    using a cell service (t-mobile) provider so it reads 'No Service' at the top left of the status bar.

    thanks a million!!

    2009-09-11 07:32 PM
  2. tondog's Avatar
    You can get rid of the "No Service" by doing these steps:

    1. SSH into your ipod
    2. Run this command in the terminal:

    plutil -c xml1 /System/Library/CoreServices/

    3. SSH to /System/Library/CoreServices/,

    4. Copy and Paste SpringBoard.strings, and name it one SpringBoard-2.strings

    5. Open the original in any text editor.

    6. Hit Ctrl + F (Cmd + F for Mac) and search for: No Service
    or you can look about 2/5 of the way down where it says:

    <string>No Service</string>

    7. Delete "NO Service" in between <string></string> , so that it looks like this:


    This will give you 0 bars, but the bars will show up. To change the signal strength to full, SSH to /System/Library/CoreServices/, and rename Default_5_Bars.png to Default_0_Bars.png

    Also, rename FSO_5_Bars.png to FSO_0_Bars.png

    8. Reboot

    Im hoping this helps you out.... I m actually going to try it myself, as I was looking to do the same thing with my 2G, since I have a 3GS now...
    2009-09-12 02:45 AM
  3. jacobray69's Avatar
    this worked well!
    infact i know know how to change everything in the iPhone now based on modding the "SpringBoard.strings" file and the "general strings" file above it. i used ifile to mod it.
    i been manually changing badges and status settings with cydia and all sorts of stuff. made my own icons on photoshop and ssh'ed them into the phone. it works well. sometimes theres a bug tho. like my itunes and my stocks apps have switched icons without me doing it! it happened randomly after a respring..and my camera zoom app wont work now and its took on someother apps icon as well. i didnt do it but i think it was a random code change freak out on the iphones part..who knows but im goona update to 3.0.1 and keep tweaking it.
    this is great experience to learn how to make apps too!
    im already learning that web apps are easy as heck to make!
    native apps are a bit harder..
    thank you for your help!!
    2009-09-14 11:24 PM
  4. ricky hayes's Avatar
    looking 4 help
    i recently jailbroke by 2g (2nd time) and now when accessing web i get "could not activate cellular data network"
    i was able to access data network before.
    is there a fix for this????
    2009-10-09 03:22 AM
  5. Metroplex's Avatar
    Is there a way of changing the "No SIM" on the iphone also? Cause I have a iphone2g (use it as a ipod instead) and I can't stand that ******' "No SIM" **** on top.

    EDIT: Nevermind, i found it.. imma try it out and see what it does..

    [email protected]: It works haha, cool.. no more ******' "No SIM" ****.
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    2009-10-09 04:25 AM
  6. THEBIGNUGGET's Avatar
    Im hoping this helps you out.... I m actually going to try it myself, as I was looking to do the same thing with my 2G, since I have a 3GS now...
    I want to get rid of the no service string as well but I have no idea how to modify the file system and risk destroying my iPhone so can you make a program or Cydia app that changes no service to AT&T 3G with full bars automatically? I would appreciate it and I'm sure others would as well.

    Thanks, Daniel
    2011-05-24 08:44 AM
  7. iBeano's Avatar
    Clear way to change your network name/No SIM to anything that you would like.

    Cydia -> search -> Makeitmine > Install

    Open the "MMI" icon in your springboard, type in whatever you like, once you have it tap on "Carrier" in the top corner and then hit "respring".
    2011-05-25 03:54 AM
  8. THEBIGNUGGET's Avatar
    I've tried that but I don't like it I want my iPhone to have the legit AT&T and bars with 3G symbol like how Tondog explained it could be done, makeitmine just didn't look right any more help would be appreciated. by the way I'm not familiar with modding my phone so any programs or apps that will change it automatically would also be appreciated.

    Thanks, Daniel
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    2011-05-25 05:06 AM

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