1. imaking's Avatar
    I had to restore my iPhone so I have to do these two things over, but I don't remember exactly how.

    1. When you're making a call, you see a black border rectangle behind "End Call" and "Hide Keypad". I was wondering where I have to SSH into to delete that background. I did this before, so I know it's possible. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2. How do I get rid of the "slide to answer" when someone calls. I don't want any writing to come up when someone calls.

    Thanks for anyone that helps!
    2009-09-13 06:11 AM
  2. Coentje44's Avatar
    i think you have to go to :

    2009-09-13 02:17 PM
  3. imaking's Avatar
    Ok thanks.

    I encountered another problem. The date on my calendar isn't showing up. How do I get the date to show up again.

    Can someone upload the original MobilePhone.app folder please
    2009-09-13 05:42 PM