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    I have created a few patch files for the C64 Emulator for iPhone & iPod Touch that provide a Colon & Semicolon on the Numeric Keyboard, mainly for use in BASIC Programing.

    Unfortunately for now I have removed the AT symbol (@) as well as the Pound symbol () in order to provide the new additions. I plan on adding them back in a future release.

    You can follow the current status of this patch and more on my blog, message me for the link as I'm not allowed to post it.

    The current version (v1.0.1) requires knowledge of SSH and of Course, this will only work on a Jailbroken device.

    A installer is coming soon to Cydia which will also contain a link to my blog.

    I will have more great info and patches etc up soon for this and other Apps.
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    As promised I have updated the patch to re-include the AT (@) and POUND () Symbols (In their original placements). I have now moved the COLON and SEMICOLON keys to the Extras Keypad.
    (See Screen Shots)

    However since the COLON and SEMICOLON keys will likely be used more often, and some users may wish to keep the layout as I have it now, I have created a secondary keyboard layout which you can find in the main download under a folder labled "classic".

    I still plan on performing a complete overhaul of the keyboard,
    and may create multiple layouts for download.

    - Enjoy!
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