1. forgot2wipe's Avatar
    i forgot 2 back up my orginal host file, does anyone have it?
    2009-09-27 04:50 AM
  2. mattoligy's Avatar
    Is this on a cydia repo out if interest?? Also do you have a mod for the latest version of sbsettings?

    Ps, Here is the orig hosts file for whoever wanted it...
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    2009-09-27 07:15 PM
  3. bizkut's Avatar
    Doesn't work on latest Cydia Oct/02/2009
    2009-10-02 05:03 AM
  4. nsachar's Avatar
    The original host file is restored if you go into sbsettings > more and click yes to restore (presuming you dont have the toggle). This works on every cydia. some ads are not removed because all sources have not been found. This is found in no repo.
    2009-10-02 06:34 AM
  5. mattoligy's Avatar
    Is the a mod for the latest version of sbsettings? If not I can try hexedit one myself but what will I need to change? Or can't it be done that way?
    2009-10-02 01:02 PM
  6. cutes's Avatar
    I installed it tonight, everything seems to be in place - toggles and all. However, sometimes I get annoying ZODTTD adds

    how can I get rid of those?

    thanks for your help
    2009-10-02 11:35 PM
  7. gastonm's Avatar
    Very cool. Just tried it!

    Unlocked Tmobile
    2009-10-03 12:18 AM
  8. duceduc's Avatar
    I was having issue where the adblock toggle will not stay on after existing. Each time I enable it via sbsettings, it shuts off again. I found a way to have the adblock toggle to stay on.

    Before existing sbsettings after you enable adblock, click on the more (*) button within sbsettings, than exist. Somehow, by doing that, the adblock toggle works.
    2009-10-04 02:07 PM
  9. mattoligy's Avatar
    Well sorry to say but most people use sbsettings and if there's no patch for the latest version then this is pretty much useless
    2009-10-07 09:36 PM
  10. duceduc's Avatar
    The patch seems to work with the latest sbsettings. I don't see any thing wrong with sbsetting as far as running cripple?
    2009-10-09 12:07 PM
  11. mattoligy's Avatar
    The patch is for sbsettings the latest version is 3.0.5 and without sbsettings patched it just removes the modified host file when you open the more tab!! No one will reply as to how I can patch the New sbsettings so I give up, this is useless to me now, it's either this or sbsettings and I know what I chose...
    2009-10-10 07:45 PM
  12. duceduc's Avatar
    I just patched the old modded file with the new sbsetting version & it works for me. I did reply to your post.
    2009-10-11 07:07 AM
  13. nsachar's Avatar
    All patches work man. you probably didn't apply the command.
    2009-10-11 09:33 AM
  14. salivgn's Avatar

    Are there two different toggles for Adblock on/off and Refresh Host file?

    When I installed Toggle pkg, I got some installation error.

    I just have adblock on/off toggle. Just wanted know.
    2009-10-12 10:45 PM
  15. mattoligy's Avatar
    How can you patch SBSettings 3.0.5 with a modified ?? I Havn't even tried because it is the wrong version, the newest version needs patching, i can hex edit it but i dont know what i'm changing...!?!?
    2009-10-14 01:10 PM
  16. duceduc's Avatar
    Backup the orignal file & drag the modded file in sbsettings folder. You may need to change the permission to 4755.
    2009-10-14 03:30 PM
  17. rbisconti97's Avatar
    Hi Everyone! I just returned from my honeymoon!

    Sorry for such the long delay, I do apologize. I was very busy getting ready for my wedding that some things had to slip and this thread was one so i do apologize.

    Everything in the first post is updated with all current and up to date blocks and patches! You should not have any issues at all and if you do send me a tweet (link in first post) . Let me know how everything works for you and if you need anything. The fastest way is to catch me is on twitter
    If you like this, don`t forget hit THANKS button!
    2009-10-14 05:17 PM
  18. cutes's Avatar
    Can anyone please help me get rid of the ZodTTD Falling Sands ad?

    It's the only one that shows with the custom host file...

    2009-10-28 10:22 AM
  19. rbisconti97's Avatar
    This project has been moved!!

    We have finished the new website and this thread is now hosted on ModYouri.com

    Please stop by and post a thread or two

    PM Corleone if you have any questions

    PS - The website is iPhone friendly
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    2009-12-04 05:37 PM
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