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    Yup def screwed up my iphone last night had many problems after installing activatemms2g and getting stuck at the loading pineapple! OMG was able to finaly get it into DFU mode then trying to restore ( several times with itunes) kept getting 1600 error messages and gave up last night after i got it restored and unlocked back to 3.0...did it today and worked fine i am unlocked and jailbroken with 3.1 but no MMS let me know how the manual installation goes !

    Just downgrade to 3.0.1

    That's what I did.....3.1 doesn't have enough in it to upgrade to. I can't run Snapture anymore but I'd rather have MMS than Snapture.
    2009-09-25 10:59 PM
  2. ksong12's Avatar
    Did the same thing. You can remove without restoring though.

    SSH into your phone and remove it that way. Namely:

    $apt-get remove ru.geniusan.mms2g

    reboot. Your device should be working again! Now if you don't have any WiFi networks that your phone was set to automatically connect to.... well I can't help ya there!
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    2009-09-26 03:42 AM
  3. flounderasu's Avatar
    Any update on a new patch for 3.1?
    2009-09-28 01:15 AM
  4. vantheman169's Avatar
    Yup i just downgraded a few days ago before i even saw this post i knew what i had to do but i just did not want to cuz i did not know about SSH and doing it that way. Meh oh well thanks guys. 3.1 was crap anyways kept freezing "coma mode".
    2009-09-28 01:18 AM
  5. HOPPERSAN's Avatar
    I installed everything but mms wont send just get the red error can this be fixed on the iphone end or do you have to call att i have an unlimited plan running 3.01 2g
    2009-09-28 01:26 AM
  6. vantheman169's Avatar
    are you on AT&T or T-mobile?
    2009-09-28 01:30 AM
  7. HOPPERSAN's Avatar
    2009-09-28 05:53 AM
  8. vantheman169's Avatar
    Have you updated your IPCC (at&t carrier file) through itunes yet? If not. What Operating system are you using?

    *edit* i see that your using windows. Do you know how to update IPCC files through itunes?
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    2009-09-28 05:54 AM
  9. HOPPERSAN's Avatar
    yep did it all i can start to send mms but it hangs at the end and i get the red!ight now running 5.5 also tried stealth 6.0
    2009-09-28 05:59 AM
  10. vantheman169's Avatar
    what carrier file are you using. I used this one on a friends iphone and he is on a 32 GB 3Gs AT&T jailbroken 3.0 and his started working before the 25th.
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    2009-09-28 06:01 AM
  11. HOPPERSAN's Avatar
    right now the last one i tried was 5.1 carrier file did not work gave up and left it there
    2009-09-28 06:04 AM
  12. nooficial's Avatar
    Hello, just was interested in the possibility to activate mms on a 2g with 3.1 and operator Orange in Spain.

    no progress on the stand after 3.0?
    2009-10-01 12:15 PM
  13. ToasterBoyOhFour's Avatar
    Any update on MMS for 3.1.2 on T-Mo

    Carrier 5.0
    BB 04.05.04
    2009-10-15 08:48 PM
  14. Whiterat's Avatar
    2009-10-18 01:58 PM
  15. 08lexus250's Avatar
    anyone try this method? i'm curious too my friend has a 2G and wants mms enabled but i've tried activatemms on 3.1 and it just gets stuck on apple logo I hope they fix that soon
    White 3GS 16GB 3.1.2 Unlocked Currently using
    Black 3G 8GB Backup phone
    White BNIB 3GS 32GB "dust collector"
    2009-10-18 10:52 PM
  16. robertguero's Avatar
    Yep worked. Little tricky but got it.


    I had to shift restore about 3 times before I got it right.
    2009-11-01 10:37 PM
  17. BoardDWorld's Avatar
    I set up a guide here just recently, the removed it! The battery still drains 3 times faster with this patch applied. BE WARNED!
    2009-11-02 03:17 AM
  18. robertguero's Avatar
    Can you explain to me what would make the battery drain because of this patch?


    UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    iPhone has been off charge since about 8:30am, its now 12hrs later.

    Lets see....3 phone calls about 4 minutes each, email checking about every 1hr or so and probably 50 SMS/plain text messages, locating services "ON", bluetooth "OFF".

    Battery.....drum roll please.....61%

    So where is the battery drain???!!!!???? sounds like it work good to me.

    You sir may have a phone issue. There is an artical about Apple looking into battery draw, maybe you should contact them to see if yours has issues.

    P.S. also I am in a service fringe area, so every once in a while i get "Searching". Searching takes more power than staying connected, from my understanding. Also my area roams on AT&T so I usually just push it to AT&T this way I have service almost always. All works great for me.


    Another UPDATE! !!!!! !!!!! !! ! ! ! ! !

    Time now is 2am. Have done many more SMS msgs and received several MMS. have 3 email accounts on phone that update, one updates to the second. Watched about 6 youtube vids. Downloaded several apps from Cydia and Rock. Has not been plugged into computer or wall.

    Battery is now at.....31% so what are we at almost 18hrs.

    I did not do anything special like delete that file everyone is talking about. I know on 3.0 there was an app you had to down load to turn off some demon, did it on 3.0 but dont remember what it was.

    iPhone works well as expected. iPhone 2G 8GB, jb/ul, T-Mo, 3.1.2fw

    Sorry, its not the MMS patch that is causing the problem with battery drain.
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    2009-11-02 05:07 AM
  19. Nerologic's Avatar
    Where did you guys download the archive for the 3.1 MMS patch on hakint0sh?

    Can someone up it?
    2009-11-06 05:46 PM
  20. robertguero's Avatar
    [ame= ogle+Search]hackint0sh 2g mms - Google Search[/ame]

    Its not really a patch. As explained thru out this post and hackint0sh.

    Yep worked. Little tricky but got it.


    I had to shift restore about 3 times before I got it right.
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    2009-11-06 07:38 PM
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