1. dtsk's Avatar
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGCIlAwrpvI]YouTube - Unlock Android Dream with your own pattern![/ame]
    can someone make a lockscreen for iphone/ipod touch that unlocks like that instead of the traditional slide to unlock/tap to unlock?
    hope its possible!
    2009-09-27 08:10 PM
  2. chrisblack_3's Avatar
    no way...
    2009-09-29 07:48 PM
  3. matdogg's Avatar
    well im sure its possible, but most people with that kind of skill arent usually interested in coding for hours to make a cool lockscreen, they are more interested in making useful apps that they can get more out of. however, i would LOVE to see it happen too. maybe once more of the chinese get ahold of the iphone, there will be a huge increase in the amount of jailbroken and non jailbroken apps/ hacks out there, and this will take shape.
    2009-10-01 05:11 AM
  4. p0d4g's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    Definetly CAN be done! It's an app from Cydia called Android Lock XT. It is about $1.99 but that can be worked around

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    2011-01-28 12:23 AM