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    hi. can anyone tell me the location of the log file on the iphone 3g 3.0 which can be viewed in the organizer in xcode under the console tab beside crash logs. I DON'T WANT CRASH LOG FILE LOCATIONS AS THAT IS NOT I *WANT*...
    the main reason for me asking this is that i'v noticed that the console log in organizer also logs the songs that i play in the ipod and gives file locations to the corresponding song from the that i cant find the song i want in iTunes_Control (which as u wud know has an assortment of bullshitly named files which itunes crappily renames while transferring)
    the useful part of this wud b that u cud then find the file and transfer it with medevil's ibluetooth...thus even if anyone cud giv me the file location of the console log file or even simply the mobilemusicplayer log file(if the latter exists as a single file)..i wud b reallyy grateful to them..THANK YOU..!!
    2009-10-11 12:24 PM